UAB "Leoprint"

UAB ‘Leoprint’ specialises in producing high-quality printed packaging materials and adhesive labels, using flexographic printing technique. Our versatility, team’s in-depth knowledge and expertise in flexographic printing, coupled with our commitment to quality allow us to meet the highest industry standards globally.

Our focus on the production of recyclable and compostable materials, as well as sustainable packaging solutions, makes us a trusted partner for businesses seeking responsible, environmentally-friendly packaging options.

After the establishment of the company on 2001, we have been continuously improving our production processes, investing in new production technologies, developing quality and information management systems. Today we supply colored self-adhesive labels, price tagging labels, single-layer and multilayer printed packaging, as well as other materials and tools for companies to pack and mark products.

By acknowledging the constantly increasing precision requirements for colors in terms of brand and packaging design, we have introduced a special automatic dyeing system to ensure consistent color matching in our products. We have established a higher level of color quality, which is controlled by spectrophotometric measurements.

We provide special design retrieval capabilities through professional design software. We use Adobe and Corel software packages to create design layouts. Special Esko tools are used for technological adaptation and color separation, as well as our state-of-art programs designed for error-free design preparation. In the printing of packaging using the flexographic printing method the most important element is probably the press forms which we make using the most innovative Kodak Flexcel system.

Our 6, 7 and 8 color printers allow us to offer our clients a wide assortment of products from very high quality products to small product quantities at an attractive price. Staff skills, high quality adhesive paper, custom-made equipment and other materials certified by the European Union, ensure high and stable quality. Having a few different devices for an each stage of the production process ensures the reliability of ours as a supplier by allowing us to allocate additional machines to each manufacturing stage on demand. In order to increase the production capacity, on the autumn of 2010 we started using a seven-color servo drive printing press in our production, which guarantees even higher quality requirements, while in 2015, a 8-color flexographic printing press, which can meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Our production is a part of a further packaging processes in automated, productive customer packing lines. For cutting and wrapping, we use innovative machines to achieve the exceptional precision of packaging products made by us. Thanks to computerized gears and sensors, product rolls supplied by us are as wide as possible and are reeled up perfectly.

We pay special attention to information technology. Realizing the importance of being able to manage a large number of projects at the same time in different management, product design and production phases, we have introduced a unique automated project management system. In real time, the necessary resources, inventory and equipment load are evaluated and managed. With the support of an IT system we ensure the integrity of all company processes, the preservation of information, the complete traceability of production processes and materials used.

With the help of a modern IT system, we are more advantageous both in terms of costs and in terms of timing and reliability.

The company always pays special attention to ensuring and improving the compliance of manufacturing processes. In 2011 UAB “Leoprint” certified a quality management system for the production and sale of adhesive labels and packaging in accordance with ISO 9001.

In order to ensure the highest standards of safety for food packaging we performed a reconstruction of our premises, improved production processes, comprehensively researched the materials used and trained our employees in the summer of 2014.

These actions have enabled the standard EN 15593 for hygiene management in the manufacture of packaging to be integrated with the ISO 9001 Quality management system which was adopted earlier. The repeat standardization of ISO 9001 and the initial certification of EN 15593 were performed by the worldwide leader in conformity assessment and certification services, Bureau Veritas.

UAB “Leoprint” constantly strives to create even greater value for its customers, therefore, on November 22, 2016, the certification authority NEPCon has certified that UAB “Leoprint” complies with the FSC® production chain requirements (license number FSC-C132885) and has the possibility to manufacture and sell FSC® certified adhesive labels and gummed papers. The company is proud to become the first manufacturer of adhesive labels in Lithuania to receive the FSC® certification.

Ensuring product quality, high level of employee motivation and competence development, maintaining value-creating relationships with customers and suppliers and ensuring an efficient production process are the tools by which UAB “Leoprint” strives to become the leader in the supply of printed packaging, adhesive labels and packing materials.>